Tuesday, May 20, 2008



Eeekk, its been far too long since my last entry! And I'm still without a proper camera - so these blurry grainy mobile phone pics will have to do. As you may have already guessed, sushi was on the menu at the weekend, and despite being a big fan of Japanese culture, I've never really succeeded in making proper sushi... Until now!

Sushi Chef

Okay, so I had the help of some sushi masters. We even had a rice cooker to cook the rice to perfection! There were all sorts of fillings, ranging from the traditional avocado and pepper, to the more unusual tofu and grapes! I cooked up some tempeh with a bit of homemade tofu dip, which made quite a juicy filling. The recipe came from the "Spicy Tempeh Rolls", in my newly acquired copy of Veganomicon!

Dinner Table

To go with all the sushi, one of the guys cooked up a giant pan of Soba noodles. These are Japanese noodles made from buckwheat, traditionally served cold with a dipping sauce, so that's how we had 'em. The plate on the bottom right was a bit of an imposter, and was actually a Korean dish called Kimchi, a kind of spicy fermented cabbage (Korea's version of Sauerkraut), and was tasty, although a bit too salty for me. Also from my new cookbook, I grilled some asian-style marinated tofu, which turned out really well, even though the smoke alarm disagreed.

Bowl of Leftovers

And there were plenty of leftovers, so for work the next day, I got to show-off with an extremely colourful lunchbox. I was certainly the envy of my team that day!