Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My New Favourite Rock

Returning from Ibiza, I bought with me a mere two souvenirs - a stick, and a rock. I feel more compelled to talk about the rock, as its not just any old rock. (Although I did find it on the beach). Its my new multi-purpose kitchen tool.

I've found it to be useful breaking up giant bricks of frozen chickpeas into more manageable sizes, pounding whole spices into dust, hammering nails into walls, and most recently, reducing linseeds into powder in under 10 seconds flat. Which is a lot speedier than last time. So with the help of my new igneous friend, I whipped up a batch of quinoa muffins in whirlwind speeds, and they turned out great!

What other applications will I find for my rock I wonder? I bet it would make a great cookbook-keeper-opener...