Friday, January 11, 2008

Quinoa, in a Muffin!!!!!

I've been desperate to try out my shiny new recipe ever since it arrived in my inbox! A muffin, made from quinoa?? Sounds like a winner, and the results have previously been shown to look delicious.

First things first though. A quinoay dinner was on the horizon, so I scoured the PPK site for a suitable dish to make. In the end, I settled on Alreda Sauce, so that I could give my new tub of nooch a real test run. After combining the sauce with some quinoa I prepared some potatoes and a pepper for stuffing. After a quick session in the oven, the result was pretty pleasing.

Stuffed potatoes and pepper

After dinner, it was straight back to the kitchen for the muffins. The first thing I needed was flax powder...All I had was a bag of whole black linseeds and it turns out, linseed is a hard nut to crack. You'd think a cast iron pestle and mortar would make short work of these tiny seeds, but you'd be wrong, (as I was). Almost an hour of hammering it took me to make an impression...eventually, teaspoon at a time, I finally reduced my seeds to dust. I'm fairly sure that a good amount of iron made it into the mix as well - these little guys are as hard as nails.

Making a meal out of linseeds
Making a right meal out of the linseed

All the hard work paid off in the end though, as the muffins were great! I was a little concerned once they had gone into the oven, as the aroma was a very familiar one, which I usually only expect when I'm making a curry, but before long, the sweet cinnamon flavours were filling the kitchen.

Quinoa muffins

Thanks to Ruby Red Vegan for sending me the muffin recipe!


Paulina said...

Quinoa in a muffin? That sounds like an interesting choice - I'll have to try it!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

I'm always looking for new things to do with quinoa, since it's such a healthy food... the muffins sound really good, as does stuffing quinoa into a red pepper. Thanks for the ideas :o).

Ruby Red Vegan said...

You're welcome!

Your quinoa-stuffed pepper and potatoes look delicious, not to mention super-fancy in that awesome bowl you've got! Sounds like it tasted great with the alfreda sauce.

That's pretty hardcore of you to crush your flax by hand (or, uh, by pestle). Yay for quinoa muffins!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Haha, I get a funny image in my mind when I try to imagine my little dog with horseshoes on ;o)

Rage And Love said...

Just found your blog (!)

The stuffed pepper looks freakn' delicious!

Seitan W├Ârshipper said...

hello! Nice to find your blog..
Those stuffed peppers looks great! I was making some stuffed peppers in last week and I stuffed them with TVP,quinoa(first time when I was using it),olives,sundried tomatoes,herbs,carrot,garlic and redonion mince. Sauteed them with herbed-olive oil and aaded some salt and herb-spice+balck pepper. I topped them with soyughurt mixed with nutritional yeast+little olie oil and dash of salt. They were gorgeous!