Monday, January 7, 2008

Tempeh, Isa Style

Today I was feeling adventurous, and went and bought a whole bunch of things I've never used before. I've been searching for nutritional yeast flakes (aka nooch!) for ages now, and finally found a pot of it! It looks like a pot of tiny cornflakes. My new tempeh looks pretty odd too. Once out of its packet, it smells pretty odd too... But I thought I'd give it a go anyway, and so armed with Isa's recipe for Tempeh Sausage Crumbles, I fired up the stove and started chopping. To go with my tempeh, I whipped up a batch of pasta, and a pot of Mushroom Marinara Sauce, another of Isa's recipes.

Mushroom Marinara Pasta With Tempeh

It probably would've tasted better had I not been looking at the spice list for the tempeh dish whilst I was making the pasta sauce - it came out pretty fennel-y! I've yet to be won over in the nooch department - maybe I need to try mac+cheese, once I find out what the hell it is!

I'm looking forward to my next cooking adventure - I'm determined to make something that uses my new ingredients that I bought: Apricots, molasses, almond flour and carob pieces! Should I jump on the cookie bandwagon, or join the cupcake revolution. .. (or perhaps a quinoa cake?!)


Ruby Red Vegan said...

quinoa cake? now that's ambitious! your isa-inspired dish looks delicious. thank goodness for that woman - she makes our lives so much tastier!

nooch is slightly odd the first go-round, but for me it's one of those foods that i love more the more i eat it! this sounds weird, but it is strangely satisfying stirred into a bowl of oatmeal. try mac & cheese, risotto, something, but don't give up on nutritional yeast! :)

what do you mean, you can't get veganomicon until april? i can e-mail you the muffin recipe if you're having trouble getting the cookbook!

russ said...

Its not been published here in England yet! (see!) I guess they have to spend an extra couple of months making it suitable for us (more recipes for scones and loads of unnecessary vowels?!)

I'd love the muffin recipe! The photos of them being eaten look to tempting to pass up. Feel free to mail me at threeheadedalias at googlemail dot com

Ruby Red Vegan said...

check your email... you should have a happy muffin recipe waiting for you!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Great presentation of the tempeh dish-- it's so colorful :o)