Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hello World!

Here it is, my first blog.

For those of you who don't know me, why the hell are you reading this?! Ok ok, so hi world, this is me: I'm a games programmer, graduated from a uni in dundee a year or two ago now, and now I work in a pretty big company in the midlands doing what I'm supposed to be able to do best.

As a trained geek, I have a theory that you can tell more from a person by looking at their desktop, than you can by reading a blog, so with that in mind, I'll post mine:

Cerb's desktop

From this you should now be able to tell that I am in fact an anime fan, from the giant picture of Chobits' Chii, and numerous unwatched episodes of Ghost In The Shell.

You are also probably thinking I look at a lot of dodgyness on the interweb, thus need quick access to a killCookies shortcut, but let me put that one straight right now: I use a lot more than I send texts on my mobile, and if it knows you've sent more than one text, it will do everything in its power to foil your next attempt. I've since produced a much better way of dealing with this deterrent, but thats another story.

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