Saturday, August 2, 2008


Programming doesn't sound particularly creative does it? But working in the games industry sometimes surprises me with opportunities to release my creative side. In a way, games programming is a lot like cooking - creating something fun from pretty much nothing. The satisfaction I get from getting my friends to play my latest game, or eat my food is all I need to make it totally worth it!

Somewhere inside me is an artist trapped, and trying to escape, inspired by such creative blogs as Hannah's, and random friends who like to make their own clothes. A while back, fuelled by this inspiration, I invested in some new tools to help turn a ball of wool into whatever my imagination demanded, and started to learn the basics. Several weeks later, this is what I ended up with:

Crochet Cat

Crochet Cat

Crochet Cat

Any budding crochetters can find the recipe here: Melon Ball the Kitty. He's the only thing I've made so far, and made a nice present for the same person who encouraged me to try out crochet in the first place.

Making such personalised presents for people is also really satisfying, so I didn't stop there - for my sister's birthday, I managed to make these funky pillows:


I'm looking forward to my next crafty adventure!


Liz² said...

so cute! boys who crochet are awesome, my 16-year-old brother just got into to it, too. and nice pillows! :o

Hannah said...

Aw, that's great! I love making little animals because they're so quick and satisfying to create. Plus, you never get lonely with so many critters around. ;)

Ruby Red Vegan said...

Melon Ball the Kitty is so, so, so adorable! I can't believe you made that!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Aww, so cute! And I think your job (although I don't know much about it) DOES sound creative. I took a digital graphics class last year and we got to dabble a bit in game programming-- twas quite fun!

pavotrouge said...

lol, that's far more than I'll every achieve amigurumi-wise!

-if programming was anything like cooking, I'd get it, which I don't. anyway, I like your blog!