Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cake in the Making

My next project is to master the art of cake. The particular cake I'm aiming for requires a whole new baking discipline that I've never really experimented with before - icing.

My first few attempts at icing have usually ended up with a slurry of sugary grease, but there are plenty of awesome cake chefs out there to show us that decorating a cake isn't impossible. I still thought I'd better get some advice of a real pro before starting though, and now, armed with some sugary wisdom, I'm preparing for Cake Mark II.

You may be wondering what happened to Mark I? Well, this particular cake adventure is a top secret project, for a good friend's birthday, and I thought I better not post my preliminary findings in the unlikely event that he somehow stumbles on the page and ruins the surprise! But here it is now!

Cake Mark I


Here are some potential recipes I've found so far:
Rich Vanilla Frosting Not so keen on this one, as it uses soya milk powder, which is sold here at a whopping £10 minimum. Creamy White Frosting interesting looking recipe here - vinegar seems like an odd addition though...

In Other News
Other than cake, here's a few other things I've made in the last couple of weeks:

Pie and Tarts
Coconut custard pie and tarts

Left over custard, decorated with one of my cute borage flowers from the back garden, dessicated coconut, and chocolate ganache


Steven said...

Have you tried Cherry's icing recipes?

The fudge icing is the best, but most work.

Tesco read rolled fondant icing was vegan when last checked (about this time last year)

Steven said...

Just re-read my comment!

For clarification: "but most work" means that the fudge icing takes the most work - not that most of the recipes work and some don't ;)