Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ladybird Challenge

All through summer I longed for an effective way of dealing with common garden pests. Slugs and snails have decimated my beans and courgettes, cats have defaced my soil, and ants have been teaming up with aphids in an attempt to ruin my tomatoes, chillis and herbs.

Whilst there's certainly no silver bullet (although these would definetly be effective against cats...) I certainly welcomed the arrival of these little guys.

How many can you spot?


Mr Lonely said...

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Steffi said...

gggr, sounds like what happened to us last year. You clean the garden and think "Nice, what a lovely vegetable patch." and all the local cats think "Awesome, a brand new massive litter tray!"

What's wrong with ladybirds though?

russ said...

Nothings wrong with ladybirds, they eat all the other little bugs that are trying to demolish my garden, so I like them a lot!
Plus they're cute.